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There's something about Mary....

Meet Mary, our coffee connoisseur. In 2005, she started her coffee career at Starbucks. Then, she dashed over to Ono Gelato in 2009, where they cooked up Maui's first 3rd wave cafe with cold brew, pour-overs, and latte art—fancy stuff!

Mary's coffee education even involved working alongside a coffee guru named Shawn Steiman, aka Dr. Coffee. He taught her how to decipher the origins of coffee beans and the art of crafting sensational coffee blends.

In 2013, she polished her latte art skills under the watchful eye of Heather Perry, a barista champ, and, voila, awards started rolling in! That same year her cafe won Maui's best coffee shop and in early 2015, Maui Times best barista.

Afterward, Mary took her java skills to California, managed a coffee hotspot, and landed a gig with Compass Group, where she was entrusted with the task of creating coffee bars in corporate settings and revitalizing existing ones in major corporations, such as Intuit, Disney Radio, and various college campuses.

In 2019 and 2022, she had the honor of serving as a judge at the New York Coffee Expo, where she evaluated the best new coffee products and innovations in the industry, talk about a caffeine-powered adventure!

Then, Capri Gelato & Coffee Bar burst onto the scene, and Mary got to build a coffee program from scratch. Guess what? They snagged the title of the best Italian coffee shop. People thought they'd be all about gelato, but nope, they became LA's coffee hotshot!

Cheers to Mary, our very own coffee connoisseur! ☕🌟

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